Your Exclusive Invitation To Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

#Timestamps from the Private Invitation Video

 00:00 What is the WCA Retreat?

 01:15 How is it different from the LMA Course?

 02:20 What’s included if I’m accepted for the WCA?

 03:19 What’s the investment for the WCA Retreat?

 04:00 Are there any discounts for LMA students?

 05:54 How many spots are left for the WCA retreat? 

 06:11 How can I apply to join the WCA retreat?

 08:18 How do I know if the WCA retreat is for me?

 09:24 What are the dates & location for the WCA?

 16:45 Is it really worth it & does it actually work?

 20:21 Can I see what I'll experience at the WCA?

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